Baryogenesis and Dark Matter in U(1) Extensions

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星期一, 2017/06/19 - 15:00
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Three of the important puzzles in cosmology relate to the origin of baryon asymmetry in the Universe, the nature of dark matter and the cosmic coincidence that the amount of dark matter and visible matter are comparable. In this talk, I will discuss classes of models where baryon asymmetry and dark matter have a common origin within the framework of U(1) extensions of the standard model and of the minimal supersymmetric standard model. In one model all of the fundamental interactions do not violate lepton number, and the total B-L in the Universe vanishes, which is quite different from previous mechanisms that baryon or lepton number are violated in generating the matter and anti-matter asymmetry. In addition, one may also generate a normal hierarchy of neutrino masses and mixings in conformity with the current data from Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment. 

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教育经历: 2006年9月-2012年8月,美国东北大学物理学博士毕业 2002年9月-2006年7月,北京大学物理学学士毕业 研究经历: 2016年8月至今,美国东北大学访问学者 2013年10月-2016年3月,德国慕尼黑马普物理研究所和慕尼黑大学 博士后 2012年9月-2013年9月,香港科技大学博士后 研究兴趣: 粒子物理:LHC物理,Higgs,超对称,味物理,暗能量及中微子 弦唯象学:弦紧致化,D模模型,弦散射振幅。