Constraining the optical depth of galaxies and velocity bias with kSZ effect and peculiar velocity field

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星期五, 2018/01/19 - 15:00 to 16:30
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珠海校区海滨红楼18栋220 (Rm 220, Red House 18)
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Using Planck data, we calculate the cross-correlation function between the kSZ effect and the peculiar velocity field, to constrain the optical depth and peculiar velocity bias of central galaxies. We find that the large-scale velocity bias is unity, while on small scales the bias tends to become negative. The value of the optical depth of central galaxies is consistent with the stellar mass-halo mass and optical depth relation. Our method provides a direct tool to study the gaseous and kinematic properties of galaxies.


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1998年毕业于中科院理论物理研究所,获得博士学位。先后在国家天文台,美国亚利桑那大学从事博士后工作。2005至2012年在中科院理论物理研究所工作,自2012年起在吉林大学物理学院工作。先后从事星系的形成及演化、 宇宙大尺度结构数值模拟、星系际介质的分布与演化、自引力体系统计力学、星系本动速度场和SZ效应等方面的研究。