School of Physics and Astronomy, Sun Yat-sen University

Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and with an educational tradition spanning over 100 years, is a preeminent research, academic and cultural center and the premier location for talent development in South China. Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and strongly supported by both the Ministry and Guangdong Province, Sun Yat-sen University has developed into a modern comprehensive university that enjoys a reputation as a top-tier university nationally and a renowned university internationally. With five campuses in the three cities of Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen, and ten affiliated hospitals, the University is striving to become a world-class university and global center of learning.

Built on a solid multidisciplinary foundation of fundamental sciences, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences, and engineering, SYSU is propelled forward by the continuous pursuit of academic innovation. The University is equipped with a globally aware outlook, and has dedicated itself to being an institution that is ``comprehensive, innovative, and open''. The goal of talent cultivation is to nurture students who have both ability and moral integrity, able to cultivate charisma and eager serve their country. The guiding idea is to be oriented toward academic frontiers, oriented toward national major strategic needs, and oriented toward national and regional economic and social development. The basic approach is through the construction of big research teams, big platforms and big projects. The University is pushing forward the transformation from external development to internal development, the transformation from routine development to active development, and the transformation from advantages in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and medical sciences to a university where humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences and engineering can integrate and develop while retaining their distinctive characteristics. Now, standing at a new starting point, Sun Yat-sen University strives to foster an academic environment where all disciplines develop distinctively yet systematically, thus blossoming into an institution with influence and impact on a global scale.

In 1927, SYSU founded the first Department of Astronomy in China. Two years later, the observatory of SYSU was set up on the Yuexiu Mountain of Guangzhou. In 1952, the Department of Astronomy and Observatory were moved to Nanjing University. On December 28, 2013, SYSU found the Institute of Astronomy and Space Sciences. On September 16, 2015, SYSU established the School of Physics and Astronomy (SPA) in Zhuhai campus, and the Institute of Astronomy and Space Science became a part of SPA.

Ever since it was established, SPA has been expanding at an unprecedented rate. It now consists of four departments.  The Tianqin Research Center is devoted to Tianqin project - a LISA-like space gravitational wave project. The department of physics works on laser-matter interaction, cold atomic physics, quantum photonics, quantum metrology, quantum simulations, quantum information processing, etc. The department of astronomy covers cosmology (early-Universe inflation, cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, dark matter and dark energy) and high-energy astrophysics (dense object and AGN observations). The department of space science & technology focusses on space particle physics, space microgravity physics and space science experiments.

We currently have 18 full-time faculty members, 17 full-time research fellows, 13 postdocs, 30 graduate students, and 94 undergraduate students, and 13 administration staff.


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