Main office: (+86)-0756-3668932


     School of Physics and Astronomy,

     Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai campus,

     2 Daxue Road,  Tangjia, Zhuhai,  519082,

     Guangdong Province,  CHINA


  1.  To inqure about visitors and seminars, please contact Ms Jiali Wu:
  2.  For travelling abroad and any finance-related questions, please contact Ms Suping Wei:
  3.  For information about undergraduate students and graduate students, please contact Mr Rufa Zhong:
  4.  To inquire about jobs and fundings, please contact Ms Bei Huang:
  5.  For instruments and experiment-related problems, please contact Ms Yanfen Liu:
  6.  For information about Tianqin-project, please contact Ms Minna Qiao: or call (+86)-0756-3668980
  7.  For anything not indicated above, or if you are not sure, please contact Ms Nian Liu: