Our astronomy research covers a variety of topics about planets, stars, galaxies and cosmology.

To whom you may want to talk:

  • Miao Li: particle cosmology; modified gravity; 
  • Longlong Feng: numerical cosmology;
  • Weipeng Lin: numerical cosmology; high-energy astrophysics;
  • Zhiqi Huang: cosmology; CMB; modified gravity; Inflation; preheating; large scale structure.
  • Xian Gao:cosmology; modified gravity; Inflation.
  • Yong Zhang: astro-chemistry
  • Rongfeng Shen: high-energy astrophysics; blackhole transients; hypernovae; intermediate-mass blackholes etc.;
  • Baixuan Tan: high-energy astrophysics; compact object; GRB; gamma-ray binaries; supernovae remnant; cosmic ray
  • Cong Yu:  Planets and exoplanets formation; MHD simulations for neutron stars and blackholes;