• general Invoice (发票): you must get official machine-printed and stamped invoices, with payer (抬头) being "中山大学" (Sun Yat-sen University in Chinese) and Social Insurance Number (SIN = 社会信用号 = 税号 = 营业执照号) being 121000004558631445. You need to sign on the back of each invoice.
  • flight tickets (机票): the flight tickets can only be reimbursed with the boarding passes(登机牌) and (if you are flying with Chinese air companies) the invoice (行程单) that can be printed at the aircompany's information desk in the airport. If you book the ticket online, you can ask the air company to mail the invoice to you.
  • online purchases: you must have an invoice (发票) with payer “中山大学" (Sun Yat-sen University in Chinese)  and a printed list of items from the online store (购物清单). If the online store does not provide a list of items, you need to print your online purchase record. 
  • reimbursement for visitors from abroad: you must get a copy of the visitor's passport (photo page, visa page and the page with the most recent entry stamp).
  • visiting other institutes: you must have a stamped invitation letter (scanned version is fine).