Research associates and Post-doctoral Fellowships

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The University
Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) was founded in 1924 and currently hosts four campuses: three in the cosmopolitan city of Guangzhou, and one in Zhuhai, a beautiful seashore town next to Macau. SYSU has developed into a comprehensive university covering a wide range of disciplines including arts, science, and technology. At the heart of the Pearl River region, it aims to become a leading educational and academic institution in southern China.

The School
The School of Physics and Astronomy is situated in the Zhuhai campus. It is committed to cutting-edge research of the highest quality in astrophysics, cosmology, gravitation, quantum physics, space science, and theoretical physics. In particular, it plays the leading role in the commissioning of TianQin: a space-borne gravitational wave detector. It also aims to produce undergraduates and graduates with a strong foundation in physics and astrophysics. The Astrophysics group currently has interests in cosmology, large-scale structures, gravitational wave astrophysics, and high energy astrophysics. The group has recently installed a cluster dedicated to numerical simulations. Group members are involved in projects including TianQin, and science involving CAS South America Center for Astronomy (CASSACA), Fermi, H.E.S.S.-II, and SDSS-IV.

The Opportunities
Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the respective supervisors for further details:

Theoretical and numerical studies of cosmology, particle cosmology, gravitation
Miao Li (

Computational cosmology, statistics of Large Scale Structure of the Universe
Longlong Feng (

Galaxy formation and evolution (see also this specific advertisement)
Nicola R. Napolitano ( and Weipeng Lin (

Theoretical cosmology, CMB, large scale structure, dark energy, Inflation, preheating
Zhiqi Huang (

High-energy astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy
Pak-Hin Tam (

High-energy astrophysics, gamma-ray bursts, tidal disruption events
Rongfeng Shen (

We invite applications for 3-year term contract-based research associates (with possibilities for tenure positions after two years or at end term), or 2-year term postdocs. Salaries for outstanding candidates will be competitive. Details can be found on our webpages (

Applicants should have a good track record of publications in leading scientific journals. No teaching duties are required.